Monday, 1 November 2010

Revised LVMF Published

The revised London View Management Framework was published on July 29 2010. Very little has changed since the draft was issued in 2009, with many of the consultation comments and recommendations not being taken on board this time. Additionally, there is a disconnect between the proposed view management strategy currently being debated at the EIP for the London Plan, and that which has been confirmed in the revised LVMF.

HD will continue to analyse, monitor and feedback on developments concerning strategic view management in London, with updates appearing here where possible. read more...

Friday, 13 November 2009

LVMF Update

13 November 2009: The final draft of the London View Management Framework will be in the hands of Boris Johnson and Simon Milton for sign off in the next few days, with publication likely to follow a few weeks after. It is understood that the majority of the document will remain unchanged from the May 2009 draft, albeit with some potential technical amendments. Interestingly enough, the full draft of the London Plan (the LVMF’s rule-maker), published recently, will be at odds with the final version of the LVMF, due to some key changes to descriptions, assessment methods and viewing positions. Should these be adopted after the Examination in Public of the London Plan due next year, then the LVMF will need to be revised again to fall in line with the final version of the new London Plan, due in 2011.


Friday, 28 August 2009

Corrections to the draft LVMF

The Mayor has published some corrections to the draft LVMF:
Revised London View Management Framework SPG - errata
Published 28 August 2009

Page 17-18 "Map 2: Assessment Points in Central London" should have a dotted red line from 19A.1 and 19A.2.
Page 169 Viewing Location map should have a dotted red line from 19A.1 and 19A.2.
Reason: Paragraph 341 notes that the visual management guidance (including the protected silhouette), should be considered from any position between Assessment Points 19A.1 and 19A.2. Noting this on the diagrams would make this assessment requirement clearer.

Page 159. The image captioned "Panorama from Assessment Point 18A.2 Westminster Bridge: upstream - at the centre of the bridge" should include purple lines denoting the protected silhouette over the Palace of Westminster.
The draft revised LVMF provides visual management guidance that refers to the continuity of the view between Assessment Points 18A.1 and 18A.2 (noted by a red line at the description of the viewing location). To maintain consistency with this aspect of the guidance, the Protected Silhouette over the Palace of Westminster shown over the image for 18A.2 also applies to the view from 18A.1 and other places along the red line. This should be made clear by annotating the relevant image on page 159.

Page 183. The image captioned “Panorama from Assessment Point 21A.1 Thames side in front of County Hall – close to Westminster Bridge" should include purple lines denoting the protected silhouette over the Palace of Westminster.
Paragraph 364 describes a protected silhouette in this view. The images should be consistent with this guidance.

Page 202. The red line indicating the top of the Protected Vista in the image labelled "Telephoto view of Protected Vista from Assessment Point 23A.1 to Palace of Westminster" should be 1.5mm higher.
The illustration of the height of the Protected Vista from 23A.1 Bridge Over the Serpentine is incorrect in the telephoto photograph. It should be amended so that it is consistent with the detailed descriptions of the protected vista elsewhere in the draft revised LVMF.

Consultation Extended

Due to the high number of requests, the consultation period on the draft SPG has been extended from 4th September to 30th September 2009.

Responses can be made by post to:

Boris Johnson
Mayor of London
(Draft Revised London View Management Framework)
Greater London Authority
Freepost LON15799
London SE1 2BR

Or by email to: with 'Draft Revised London View Management Framework' as the subject.


Friday, 14 August 2009

Interactive Map

Viewing instructions: The interactive map is best viewed in Fullscreen mode - by clicking the 'View Fullscreen' button in the panel above, or click here.

Above: Hayes Davidson has created an interactive map of central London showing where height is proposed to be constrained by 'Protected Viewing Corridors', or where consultation is required - in Lateral and Background assessment areas. Areas shown are as geometrically defined in the proposed 2009 LVMF - including the new proposed definition 'Protected Silhouettes' - or from 'additional constraints' that Hayes Davidson has interpreted from the LVMF. The map allows users to see which definitions apply to particular areas, as well as allowing each 'constraint' to be viewed individually. Every constraint is linked to 'Looking at London' pages that provide information about the view, from the LVMF document itself and/or in some cases Hayes Davidson commentary.

All mapping is approximate: for more information about individual sites please contact us. Thanks to everyone who has given their time and encouragement for the interactive map project - we hope it will be useful. We have plans for a second more detailed map if enough people want it: please let us know!


Monday, 10 August 2009

9A.1 Linear View - King Henry's Mound to St Paul's

Viewing instructions:
All images should be viewed in ‘full screen’ mode by clicking the ‘+’ icon in the top right of the image. When the image is opened in full screen mode you will see a scale bar at the bottom of each image. Use the scroll wheel zoom function and a ruler held against the screen to ensure the scale bar correctly measures 10cm when viewed at a normal viewing distance (approximately arms length). The size of objects in the view will then equate approximately to the size they would appear when viewed at the scene. This technique is known as ‘Real Scale’ viewing