Friday, 14 August 2009

Interactive Map

Viewing instructions: The interactive map is best viewed in Fullscreen mode - by clicking the 'View Fullscreen' button in the panel above, or click here.

Above: Hayes Davidson has created an interactive map of central London showing where height is proposed to be constrained by 'Protected Viewing Corridors', or where consultation is required - in Lateral and Background assessment areas. Areas shown are as geometrically defined in the proposed 2009 LVMF - including the new proposed definition 'Protected Silhouettes' - or from 'additional constraints' that Hayes Davidson has interpreted from the LVMF. The map allows users to see which definitions apply to particular areas, as well as allowing each 'constraint' to be viewed individually. Every constraint is linked to 'Looking at London' pages that provide information about the view, from the LVMF document itself and/or in some cases Hayes Davidson commentary.

All mapping is approximate: for more information about individual sites please contact us. Thanks to everyone who has given their time and encouragement for the interactive map project - we hope it will be useful. We have plans for a second more detailed map if enough people want it: please let us know!

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