Sunday, 14 June 2009

Extract from LVMF: London Panorama: Blackheath Point 6A.1

Foreground and Middle Ground
155 The panorama is sensitive to large-scale development in the foreground and middle ground. There is considerable opportunity, however, to introduce new development if it is sympathetic to the composition and character of the view.

156 The western towers of St Paul’s Cathedral are integral to the viewer’s ability to recognise and appreciate the landmark. Therefore, the Landmark Viewing Corridor of the Protected Vista from Assessment Point 6A.1 incorporates these features.

157 Development in the background may be acceptable if it is sensitive to the dome and isn’t taller than the level of the peristyle of St Paul’s Cathedral. The effect of colour, scale, reflectivity and distance from the landmark of new development should be understood and tested.

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