Sunday, 14 June 2009

Extract from LVMF: River Prospect: Millennium Bridge and Thames side at Tate Modern Millennium Bridge 13A.1

Foreground and Middle Ground
228 Developers should seek to improve the townscape setting of the Cathedral, while working within the general geometric constraints of the St Paul’s Heights Limitations. The incorporation of unoccupied vertical features, however, is encouraged on new middle ground buildings, where they can be shown to improve the qualities of the view without undermining the visibility or dominance of the Cathedral.

229 The spires of landmark churches in the City contribute to the townscape quality of views. They should not be obscured by new development.

230 Background development crowding in too close to St Paul’s Cathedral has already compromised the ability to appreciate it and this condition should not be worsened. Development should help restore and enhance the peristyle, drum and dome’s prominence in the view.

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