Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Realscale Panoramic Photography

Above: a comparison of (partial) realscale panoramic photography and LVMF photography. As part of our LVMF research and consultation work we are analysing the Strategic Views proposed. We are interested in the impact of photographic scale in relation to the size of the scene as viewed; the true scale of objects (buildings / people / landscape etc) having a direct bearing on the viewer's reaction to, and visual attendance of a scene.

There appears to be no recognition in the LVMF of the psychological effect of scale and the document uses artificially enlarged images – these have the effect of exaggerating the status of landmarks from viewing positions. The LVMF guidance restricts development on the premise that landmark buildings are visible, noticeable, recognisable and memorable; our research is showing that these may be incorrect assumptions.

Interactive realscale panoramic photography from Parliament Hill can be found below or using the link "panoramas" on the right side of this page. Further panoramas will be added this week.

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