Thursday, 11 June 2009

River Prospect: Tower Bridge

Viewing Location 10A: Assessment Point 10A.1

Page 97: Paragraph: 186

“Landmarks which enable an appreciation of the scale and geography of London should not be obscured by inappropriate development in the foreground. This applies to The Monument, in particular, which is closely associated with Tower Bridge in the view, owing to their proximity and visibility. This relationship should be maintained.”

QUESTIONS: The intent seems unclear. What is meant by 'inappropriate development' ? (i.e. is this a scale / form / bulk issue and/or architectural quality issue?) What proportion of The Monument must remain visible to ensure the 'scale and geography' of London is/can be maintained.? Examples would be helpful.

Page 97: Paragraph: 187

“Views from this place include the relationship between the Tower of London and the City in the background. It is important that the background of the landmark in these views is managed sensitively. Development should not breach the skyline of the four towers of the White Tower or its castellations.”

OBSERVATION. This appears to be a geometrically defined requirement. It would be helpful for the GLA to show this on a plan or in a 3D oblique view, as the requirement has finite and measurable consequences.

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