Sunday, 14 June 2009

Extract from LVMF: Albert Embankment between Westminster and Lambeth Bridges along Thames path near St Thomas’ Hospital 22A.1, 22A.2 and 22A.3

Foreground and Middle Ground
379 No development or fixed items should be added to the foreground. The temporary structures on the terrace to Parliament should be kept in good order and should not be prominent in the view.

380 The existing skyline of the Palace of Westminster from Albert Embankment, as seen in this view, should not be altered. Development of high quality, which does not visually interact with the landmark, may be acceptable in the areas north of the building, and should conform to the prevailing building heights. To the south, development should not be visible above trees at Victoria Tower Gardens, which, from all of the views in this Viewing Place, visually co-join the landmark.

381 The Palace of Westminster World Heritage Site is subject to a Protected Silhouette when viewed from any position between Assessment Points 22A.1, 22A.2 and 22A.3

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