Sunday, 14 June 2009

Extract from LVMF: Westminster Bridge: downstream 18B.1 and 18B.2

Foreground and Middle Ground
326 The foreground is the river and the middle ground the Embankment leading the eye to the various landmark buildings forming it.

327 The setting of the group of buildings including County Hall, The London Eye and the Shell Centre, should be carefully considered. New development in the view should contribute positively to that setting.

328 The civic nature of the buildings on the north bank in this view has a clarity which should not normally be disturbed by any background development.

329 New tall buildings at the Waterloo Opportunity Area should contribute to the development of a legible cluster. These should be of the highest design quality, and should, as part of the cluster, enhance views from the location. They should not dominate riverside buildings or diminish their relationship with the river.

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