Sunday, 14 June 2009

Extract from LVMF: London Panorama: Primrose Hill 4A.1 and 4A.2

Foreground and Middle Ground
132 It is an important characteristic of the view that the dome and western towers are recognisable in the panorama. Therefore, a Protected Vista with a Landmark Viewing Corridor incorporating the western towers and dome has been designated. Over time it is expected that the buildings that infringe the Landmark Viewing Corridor and block parts of St Paul’s Cathedral, will be removed.

133 The Palace of Westminster should, over time, be made more visible in the landscape. Development between the Assessment Point and the Palace of Westminster will be subject to greater constraints through a Protected Vista.

134 St Paul’s Cathedral is recognisable in this view largely because it is seen clearly against the sky and it is not dominated by development in its backdrop. Development proposals should not compromise this situation.

135 Development in the background of the Palace of Westminster should not compromise the viewer’s ability to clearly see the features of the towers against the sky. The form and materials of new development should help improve the clarity with which the silhouette of the towers of the Palace of Westminster can be distinguished from their surroundings. Consideration should also be given to the Westminster World Heritage Site Management Plan when assessing the impact of development that will be visible in the setting of this view of the World Heritage Site.

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