Saturday, 13 June 2009

Extract from LVMF: London Panorama: Kenwood 3A.1

Foreground and Middle Ground
120 The Protected Vista includes a Landmark Viewing Corridor to the dome and western towers of the Cathedral. Development in the line of sight would compromise the viewer’s ability to recognise the landmark, and should not be supported. The Protected Vista reinforces this requirement.

121 The view is particularly sensitive to development breaching the tree line in the middle ground, as it would inhibit views of the panorama.

122 Development behind St Paul’s Cathedral that breaches the Landmark Background Assessment Area should contribute to a composition that enhances the setting of the landmark. Special regard should be paid to the height, orientation, design and materials used in the development. Careful use of form and materials could enable development proposals to improve the clarity with which the silhouette of the Cathedral is distinguished from its surroundings, including the hills in south London.

123 It is important that St Stephen’s Tower of the Palace of Westminster remains visible and dominant in its setting.

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