Sunday, 14 June 2009

Extract from LVMF: River Prospect: Golden Jubilee/Hungerford Footbridges: upstream 17A.1 and 17A.2

Foreground and Middle Ground
298 Landmarks make an important contribution to the skyline and they should not be obscured by new development.

299 The view is characterised by the Palace of Westminster, as the most prominent building, punctuating the skyline and rising above the trees on the Embankment. Development proposed behind the other river frontage buildings must respond to the character and appearance of existing buildings and should not encroach on, or form a backdrop to, the Palace of Westminster in this view.

300 Incremental change to development in the background of the river frontage is acceptable provided each addition to the view contributes positively to the composition.

301 It should be noted that new clusters of tall buildings may emerge at Vauxhall/Nine Elms Opportunity Area. Tall building proposals in that area should be designed to relate to and strengthen the composition of the emerging cluster of tall buildings.

302 The full length of the Palace of Westminster is subject to a Protected Silhouette when viewed from any position at or between Assessment Points 17A.1 and 17A.2 (as defined by the purple lines on the photographs).

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