Sunday, 14 June 2009

Extract from LVMF: Townscape View: Bridge over the Serpentine to Westminster 23A.1

Foreground and Middle Ground
388 Development proposals that are overly intrusive, unsightly or prominent to the detriment of the view as a whole will be refused. From this viewing place developments which fail to relate well in terms of height, scale, massing and materials, and relationship to other buildings in the view, are likely to negatively affect views of the historic features within the World Heritage Site.

389 The line of view crosses Green Park, St James’s Park and Parliament Square, as well as the built-up area to the south-east of St James’s Park. The landscape maintenance regime in the fore and middle grounds, therefore, has a strong influence on the character and composition of the view. It should be reviewed periodically to ensure that the qualities of the view are maintained.

390 A Protected Vista is defined from Assessment Point 23A.1 to the Victoria Tower and the Central Lobby Tower of the Palace of Westminster. It also includes the western towers of Westminster Abbey.

391 The Landmark Viewing Corridor extends across the lake and through the city to the south side of St James’s Park. The Ministry of Justice building in the foreground significantly diminishes views of the Westminster World Heritage Site and is not justification for further development that would impact, in a negative way, on the view.

392 Development in the background in Lambeth and Southwark should not undermine the relationship between the towers of the World Heritage Site through their height or prominence. New tall buildings in the background of the view must be subordinate to the World Heritage Site.

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