Friday, 12 June 2009

Extract from LVMF: Alexandra Palace 1A.1 and 1A.2

Foreground & Middle Ground
91 Development that breaches the vegetated ridgeline should not
compromise the distinction between the middle ground and background.
All development should make a positive contribution to the existing
characteristics of the view.

92 The dome and western towers of St Paul’s Cathedral make an important contribution to the viewer’s ability to recognise an appreciate the landmark as a whole. Therefore, they are included in the Landmark Viewing Corridor of the Protected Vista.

93 Development should reinforce the existing composition of the view. It should consolidate existing townscape elements and manage development near St Paul’s Cathedral carefully. The dome and peristyle are clearly recognised in the panorama because they are vertical elements set against two distinct ranges of hills with a strong horizontal emphasis. This aspect of the view, particularly close to the landmark, should be preserved in order to ensure the viewer can recognise and appreciate the landmark. Some development in the backdrop may be acceptable, if it does not visually interact with or dominate the peristyle or dome and if it is an appropriate distance from the landmark.

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