Thursday, 11 June 2009

River Prospect: The South Bank

Viewing Location 16B: Assessment Point 16B.1

Page 146: Paragraph: 290

“The qualities of the clear view of St Paul’s Cathedral should remain and should not be reduced by inappropriate development crowding in too close to the landmark, dominating it or merging with its silhouette, when seen by the viewer moving between Assessment Points.”

QUESTIONS: The statement is unclear in its intent. What are "the qualities of the clear view?". What constitutes "inappropriate development"? What is meant by "crowding"?, "dominating"?... these are visual effects that can be visually described; examples would be helpful. The expression "merging with its silhouette" appears to be similar to the concept of the protected silhouette, but as it is not referred to as such, we imagine something different is intended: would all examples of overlap/ juxtaposition be denied permission, or are there some cases where this would be allowed?

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