Thursday, 11 June 2009

River Prospect: Waterloo Bridge

Viewing Location 15B: Assessment Point 15B.2

Page 138: Paragraph: 273

“Consideration should be given to the space St Paul’s Cathedral requires between it and tall buildings to maintain its visual separation.”

QUESTION: The question implied in this statement : i.e. "What is the minimum distance between St Pauls and tall buildings that allows viewers to see the two separately?" can be answered; taking average visual acuity, there is a small, and finite distance between St. Paul's and any other building that ensures that 'visual separation' is maintained from this (and any) viewing position. Is this really what the GLA intends? We imagine not, but as written, intent is unclear.

Page 138: Paragraph: 274

“Development which visually interacts or visually connects with, dominates or unacceptably imposes on the peristyle, drum or dome of St Paul‘s Cathedral in the background of the view, will not be acceptable….”

QUESTIONS: The expression "visually interacts or visually connects with" suggests a protected silhouette / finitely measurable / no qualitative assessment. This seems to conflict with the statement "Development that unacceptably imposes...(on St. Paul's)" suggest subjective assessment. Please can the GLA confirm what is meant.

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