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2B: Panorama from Parliament Hill

Viewing instructions:
All images should be viewed in ‘full screen’ mode by clicking the ‘+’ icon in the top right of the image. When the image is opened in full screen mode you will see a scale bar at the bottom of each image. Use the scroll wheel zoom function and a ruler held against the screen to ensure the scale bar correctly measures 10cm when viewed at a normal viewing distance (approximately arms length). The size of objects in the view will then equate approximately to the size they would appear when viewed at the scene. This technique is known as ‘Real Scale’ viewing.

LVMF – Parliament Hill 2B

Parliament Hill is situated on Hampstead Heath and is fully accessible to the public. The hill forms part of an east/west ridge that offers panoramic views of London to the south. Three Assessment Points are identified in the draft LVMF1, although two (2A.1 and 2A.2) share the same position. Each point is the starting position for a Protected Vista towards Strategically Important Landmarks identified in the draft LVMF

Viewing Location 2B

Assessment Point 2B.1:

The third Assessment Point on Parliament Hill, 2B.1, lies south east of the summit, further down the ridge.

The Assessment Point is orientated towards the Palace of Westminster. The position is identical to that described in the current LVMF guidance published in 2007.
The Protected Vista comprises a foreground Viewing Corridor from the prescribed viewing height of 71.6m AOD sloping down approximately 7km to meet the Palace at a height of 51.3m AOD – some 7.8m higher than the 2007 guidance.
The Viewing Corridor at the Palace is 220m wide - 10m wider than the 2007 guidance - and includes the entire extents of the Palace. No lateral Assessment Areas are described and this is consistent with the 2007 guidance.
The Background Assessment area continues at the height of 51.3m AOD from the Palace for a distance of 3.5km further south-east into Kennington culminating in a width of approximately 447m. This Background Area is 11.3m higher than the threshold described in the 2007 guidance.

When describing View 2B.1 both sets of guidance describe that all three of the principal towers of the Palace of Westminster are visible although clearly tree growth obscures St. Stephens Tower in the images provided in both documents. Both sets of guidance do make it clear that tree growth can affect the viewing experience and should be managed, but it is unclear to what level that extends to the trees that clearly obscure St. Stephens Tower.


1. Draft revised Supplementary Planning Guidance – London View Management Framework May 2009 – Pages 40-48

2. Supplementary Planning Guidance – London View Management Framework – July 2007 – Page 76-86

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