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23A1_Serpentine to Westminster

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LVMF – Serpentine Bridge 23
The Serpentine Bridge crosses the centre of the Serpentine in Hyde Park. One viewing location is described and contains a single assessment point on the eastern footway of the bridge. The Assessment Point is identified in the draft as 23A.1. The Assessment Point is the starting point for a Protected Vista towards The Palace of Westminster – this is an additional constraint now being applied to this view compared to the 2007 guidance.

Viewing Location 23A
Assessment Point 23A.1:
• Assessment Point 23A.1 is orientated towards The Palace of Westminster.
• The Protected Vista from this position towards Westminster is an additional vista that does not appear in the 2007 guidance. However the assessment point is identical to that in the 2007 guidance, which was not subject to geometric definition.
• The Protected Vista from Assessment Point 23A.1 comprises a foreground Viewing Corridor that slopes from 22.0 AOD up to meet the Palace of Westminster at a height of 48.5m AOD over a distance of 3.4km.
• The Viewing Corridor where it meets the Palace is 215m wide and encloses the southern half of the Palace and the entirety of Westminster Abbey. No lateral Assessment Areas are described.
• The Background Assessment area continues at the height of 48.5m AOD from the Palace up to 75.8m AOD for a distance of 3.5km further east into Elephant and Castle, culminating in a width of approximately 436m.
• The Visual management Guidance in the draft states that new development in the background of the view should be ‘subordinate’ to the World Heritage Site.

1. Draft revised Supplementary Planning Guidance – London View Management Framework May 2009 – Pages 198-202
2. Supplementary Planning Guidance – London View Management Framework – July 2007 – Page 209-211

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